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auto accident

Auto Accidents

If you have been in a car or truck accident, you may recover money from one or more insurance companies. You must act quickly after an accident occurs because what you do can impact your potential damages. You must make sure that if you are experiencing pain you see a medical doctor, chiropractor, or other trained medical professional immediately after the accident, and continue to seek consistent medical attention after an accident until medically released from care. Failure to do so will give the insurance carrier an argument that you really were not injured since you did not seek medical care immediately and consistently after the accident.

Slip & Fall (Premises Liability)

Premises liability is the legal term used for accidents that occur when a person slips, trips, falls or is injured due to a defective condition that exists on a property or building.  In order to establish a case, one must prove that the property owner or manager knew, or should have known, that the defective condition existed and posed a risk of harm.

Many attorneys don’t take premises liability cases because they can be risky, and may require extensive preliminary legal and investigative work, as well as costly experts to establish the validity of the case.  Our firm devotes a large portion of its practice to premises liability cases, and takes a significant number of clients as referrals from other attorneys due to our experience in litigating, trying and winning these types of cases.

Slip and Fall - Premises Liability
Brain and Spine Injuries

Brain & Spine

Motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls frequently cause severe spinal injuries. Spinal injuries involve damage to vertebrae, innervated facets, intersegmental ligaments, or intervertebral discs that in turn encroach, impinge or displace the spinal cord or the exiting nerves or nerve roots from the spinal cord. The mechanism of injury, etiology of symptoms, effects of pre-existing degeneration and effects on your activities of daily living are just a few of the highly complex medical and biomechanical issues raised in spinal injury cases.

Qualified medical providers and experts, often specialists in neurological spine injuries, can accurately diagnose, assess, and treat such injuries. An attorney that has extensive expertise and experience in litigating spinal injuries will utilize the most recent biomechanical and medical research to objectively establish mechanisms of injury and other crucial elements in your case.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death definition: “Denoting a civil action in which damages are sought against a party for causing a death, typically when criminal action has failed or is not attempted.”

Wrongful Death Cases

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